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Cedar Direct Minnesota

Bring the beauty of nature to your home or business with salvaged, reclaimed, new or choose from our Superior Barn Wood Collection, an accelerated, maturing process that accomplishes an “aged salvaged” weathered board feel and look. Our variety of wood products have become some of the most coveted and well-loved materials for everything from furniture and personal décor to accent walls and exteriors. Cedar Direct Minnesota (CDM) is your solution for character to new wood substrates, providing everlasting realism for a reclaimed wood look or simply just new cedar.

With the increased popularity of salvaged barn woods, the demand has driven costs up and made availability scarce. In addition, and by fact, there are real concerns or cautions that come when buying true “barn wood” such as – insects, lead paint, smell, handling and availability if you run short or want more.  Cedar Direct Minnesota through our Superior Barn Wood Collection guarantees that you will have endless variation of colors delivered to you on clean light-weight cedar stock that is easy to install, handle and can be specified or received at random lengths.  So, folks enter every project with the peace of mind that our Superior Barn Wood Collection will provide the look you want on your home, cabin, lobby or conference center either inside or outside.

Indoor Barn Walls and Doors

Our controlled Superior Barn Wood process, that would have typically taken decades to accomplish naturally, is available to architects, contractors, do-it-yourselfers and designers across the globe. Welcome back to strength, durability and the beautiful aesthetics that cedar naturally provides and what we craft. Cedar Direct Minnesota offers affordable, reliable and consistent solutions for your interior and exterior needs – we welcome you to join the cedar wood revolution!As owner, I look forward to visiting with you and hearing about your creative project ideas – call us or come on by!